About Us

Welcome to our website.
We have succeeded at Langyos over the past years to make our business a prominent place
By the quality, flexibility and confidence of all our products and services,
The key to this achievement has been our constant quest to exceed our customers' expectations.
Today, as our business grows, we remain committed to our primary goal of producing high quality products
According to the highest international standards, building trust and strong relationships with our customers, and investing and developing our human wealth
The company manufactures and meets the needs of companies and factories of equipment
We supply laundries, hospitals, garment factories, hotels, shops and supplying
Installation, maintenance and spare parts are necessary and we guarantee all the equipment we supply. And spare parts.
The company is agents for major Italian companies
Agents of IRON ITALY Irons Italian company and distributor of iron and steam ironing tables
Agents of CEME for Snowlide
Agents for Olab Company for cellulite
Agents of Ma-Ter Company
Agents of CEL for the Italian buoy
Agents of tre-c heater (water - oil - air)
Agents for coterm company for instant water heaters
Agents of jolly for floor and carpet washing equipment
Agents of the company jolly iron and presses transfer (automatic and manual
Agents of AM Europe Company for Heaters (Pneumatic - Water - Oil)
Distributors for Socolmatic  & imesa Water Washing Machines (Juicer, Dryers & Genders)
Distributors for FIBER & all kinds of  & electrical systems PLC
Distributors of German FGO and Italian CAFM Thermostat
Distributors of Victor & Eston Adhesives
Distributors of sulfan, thermal oils and non-flammable textiles

The company is ISO 9001-2015 certified & TUV